**Health Disclaimer:

We, at All Paws Matter, rescue and find homes for abandoned, homeless and surrendered dogs. We aid dogs from Canada (predominantly in Ontario) and Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We pull exclusively from one rescue in Playa del Carmen, S.O.S. el Arca. The vetting that is done before the dogs are transported to Canada far exceeds Canada Customs’ regulations. Sometimes, however, the dogs are deemed older than we know them to be by Canadian vets, who use tooth health as one of the assessment tools. The high concentration of calcium carbonate in the Mexican water promotes premature tartar buildup, and hence an older looking tooth. It is one of the aims in the coming year for S.O.S. el Arca to purchase tartar removal equipment. It is our objective to offer for adoption the healthiest dog possible as we believe good health early on is an investment in longevity.